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“Durarara!!” the animated TV series is based on the hit novel “Durarara!!” by RYOHGO NARITA (“Baccano!”), a new breed author. This series has shocked readers and the light-novel industry with its unique characters and out-of-this-world story.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, takes center stage, where various young people have gathered, each with their own expectations. A high school student who longs for an un-ordinary life, the strongest man in Ikebukuro, an information broker, an underground doctor, a stalker, a “headless” rider, and many others both cause and get caught up in trouble.
This is a story with a tangle of super-extraordinary characters; one where no one can predict what will happen next!

Two years after the series “Baccano!” that enfevered anime fans – its mighty creative team has re-united!
The creative staff behind “Baccano!” – TAKAHIRO OMORI (director), NOBORU TAKAGI (screenplay), TAKAHIRO KISHIDA (character design), MAKOTO YOSHIMORI (music), AKIRA ITOH (art), and brain’s base (animation production) – has re-united and created a totally unique and stylish production!
Enjoy this thrilling fantasy of warped adolescence!